Do you support my camera? | Camcloud

Do you support my camera?

So you have probably looked at our supported cameras page and don't see your camera in our list.

There are several types of cameras we support, some that have a complete automated install on Camcloud such as Axis, Sony, Foscam and webcams and others that require a couple of extra steps to setup (D-Link, Trendnet, Hikvision, etc)

There are 2 main things you are looking for in your camera specifications:

  1. FTP - Camcloud uses the FTP to transmit the video or images. Check that your camera supports FTP of either images or video.
  2. A stream, either RTSP or MJPEG - You can then add a camera in Camcloud that is either Generic H.264 (for an RTSP stream) or Generic MJPEG.